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Forum Rules 

 We want to continually grow and keep this forum as a place where members can learn, share and help each other. In order for everyone to enjoy this forum, some rules need to be followed. They are:

Technical Contractor Related Questions

 For questions that are technical in nature we ask that these be left for the contractors. However when a question is not directed at a specific contractor group and the forum member has asked the opinion of others, general forum members are free to chime in.

Be Respectful & Report Forum Abuse

 The use of foul or abusive language will not be tolerated in the forum, this kind of language can cause offence to other forum members. Please be respectful at all time and report any offensive post using the “Report Violation” link found in the forum or by sending an email to


 Please be patient when posting, your post will be answered eventually! The contractors of this forum are volunteers and will offer their time when they are free to do so. Once your post has been answered it is polite to say thank you to the person that has helped you, this takes only seconds and shows your appreciation. All information is given in good faith; Y.H.T.C and members of this forum are not responsible for the information supplied. If in doubt you should seek a second opinion.

Advice from the forum or any other part of the site could contain errors or may not be particularly suitable, please read the general site disclaimer.

No Spamming

 Spamming is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum. Please keep all post on topic.

Self-promoting links

 The goal of the forum is to provide an environment where homeowners can post their questions and seek expertise. Do not let self-promotion over power the forum.  

Consider other users feelings

 What you may deem to be funny and witty could actually hurt other people’s feelings; please spare a thought before posting. Treat new members with respect, and visa versa.

“Lessen Learned” Posts

 These are life’s lessons gained through experiences. Feel free to post yours. However please keep all post positive. Do not bash other contractors or fling mud. Do not post company names.